Turner Law Offices is an experienced civil practice law firm specializing in Multi-Level Marketing Litigation, Business Litigation, and Consumer Rights Litigation. The following are examples of our experience in these areas of legal practice:


We have represented numerous Georgia citizens in prosecuting cases against Multi-Level Marketing Companies (“MLM Companies”). Typically, these cases involve the situation where the Georgia citizen has been recruited to join a MLM Company with representations of “Financial Freedom” and “Unlimited Income Potential”. What is not disclosed is the fact that over 90% of Multi-Level Marketing recruits fail within the first year.  When dreams do not materialize, Multi-Level Marketing recruits are left with unanswered questions about what their options are.

In our Multi-Level Marketing cases, the Georgia citizens have made a substantialinvestment (several in excess of $100,000) in Product Inventory in order to qualify for a higher position in the MLM Company’s Compensation Plan. Georgia has specific laws that help protect the rights of Georgia citizens who join MLM Companies. Unfortunately, too many MLM Companies choose to ignore these laws. This in turn requires that the Multi-Level Marketing recruit retain a Georgia attorney, such as our firm, knowledgeable in the area of Multi-Level Marketing law. Once retained, we negotiate (and litigate if necessary) to recover damages to the fullest possible extent as provided by Georgia law.

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We represent small businesses concerning their Legal Rights including contract disputes and related litigation.

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We represent consumers (including Class Action litigation) in protecting their rights in areas such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (Junk Faxes) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (for example, inaccurate Credit Reports and Identity Theft).

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Below are results from some of our recent cases:

The head of our Firm, Henry A. Turner, has over 18 years experience as a Trial Lawyer. Please click here to review a copy of his Resume’.

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